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Light me up!

Lately i find myself ether hitting with the forehead against the keyboard or asking my cat Hilda what she is thinking about the Python program I'm writing. "The madness can't be far away. Ah, yes... Here it is." Ok. For those of you lost souls interested in computer graphics and chemistry that stumbled on my blog by accident or worse developing the bad habit of visiting this site periodically heres something I rendered a few days ago.

A Luminol molecule.

I'd optimized the geometry using ArgusLab, loaded it into Pymol and then converted it to POV-Ray format using the python script i mentioned earlier. I had to edit the file by hand to get the glowing effect, but it was worth the effort. Unfortunately writing a GUI for my script, as I found, is really a pain in the ass due the lack of good tutorials for Tkinter and Pmw(the two python libraries I use for programing). The documentation is easy to find on the net, but figuring out how to use the widgets took me more then three days. And I got only one lame window with a tabbed notebook on it with some global light setting scrollers... Why every brilliant idea i have takes so long to implement? Ahh... Here comes the madness again... Maybe i should take a break and read an article of some scientific significance? Eee... or maybe I just play a bit Quake 3 Arena ]:)

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