poniedziałek, maja 31, 2010

Kernel coffee test

Sometimes when I cant sleep from too much coffee I get this really strange ideas... Coffee is important (at least for us computer guys), but did you ever wondered how much? Lately this thought didn't let me go. If programmers drink that much coffee, as I do maybe they write also some comments about it in their code. So I asked myself - how often the word coffee occurs in the Linux kernel source code? [lightnir@chochlik src]$ grep 'coffe' `find -name '*'`|wc -l
Ok. Where? [lightnir@chochlik src]$ grep 'coffe' `find -name '*'`
./linux-2.6.30/drivers/net/wireless/orinoco/orinoco_pci.c: * are necessary. Alan will kill me. Take your time and grab a coffee. */
./linux-2.6.30/drivers/char/keyboard.c: * keys and one for extra function keys (like "volume up", "make coffee",
./linux-2.6.30/Documentation/fb/sstfb.txt: - Buy more coffee.
./linux-2.6.30/arch/x86/lguest/boot.c: * Now would be a good time to take a rest and grab a coffee or similarly
./linux-2.6.30/fs/jffs2/wbuf.c: else /* Not sure this should ever happen... need more coffee */
That's interesting. I went further and wrote a quick and dirty shell script that downloaded, unpacked and searched for coffee for the entire 2.x kernel family. Here are the results plotted in gnuplot. That answered all my questions. So what do you do when you have troubles falling asleep? ];)