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Evil gene

Thanks to Felix i was noticed by other chemists like Ψ*Ψ. So i've decided to write my posts about chemistry in english. I'm interested in much more then only chemistry(especially in informatics) and therefore it won't be much to read here(at least in english), but i think it's a good way to take my english to the next level since I'm not a native english speaker ]:)

So... What i have done lately? Our friends from the Scientific Association of Biotechnology Students of Opole University invited two weeks ago ten of us(the Scientific Association of Chemistry Students) to take a test if we have the CCR-5 gene mutation. The CCR-5 gene is responsible for the synthesis of a protein that the HIV virus uses to recognise the as a target T cell. If a person has the CCR-5 mutation on both alleles(two copies of the same gene) then it's resistant aginst HIV(still it can be a carrier!), if only one allele is mutated it has a partial resistance and AIDS spreads much slower. A mutation on both alleles is rare - only 1% of the population has it. That's all about the theory. And now for something i like doing - photos.

I'm smiling right now, but I had to give a drop of blood later

Yup, that's MY eppendorf tube

And that's what's in it - watch out for vampires ]:)

After cell lysis it was not so colourful anymore...

Purification on a column

We added the polymerase and put it into the termocycler for PCR

Getting the results by polyacrylamide electrophoresis
← My DNA

← Control sample

And now behold - the proof that I am Evil ]:D

Note the 2 stripes on the 5th sample from top. It's mine and means that i have both - the normal and the mutated version of the CCR5 gene, ergo I am partial HIV resistant. Yeah baby, yeah ]:) Nice to know that.

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