środa, lipca 18, 2007

Folding proteines unites!

Lately I've been spending too much time on youtube. Question: How do I find a topic-war with as small words as possible? Answer: Type in "pc mac linux" in the search box of youtube. I find it very funny when people start arguing about which platform is better. And spots like the Mac adverts just pour oil on the flame. Ok, I must admit the new Novell spots for Linux are really entertaining. I like this one the most. Anyway. I stumbled upon this movie:

And i decided to give it a try. Why not? I thing it's a good use of my CPU. I installed it on my windows box and already did 2% of the Work Unit. One thing really wonders me. How does it come that the task manager shows 100% usage of the CPU and I don't really feel it like the system is running really slower? Looks like nice coding to me ];) I really look forward to see my score after the calculations. Top100 here i come ]:) Just kidding. I'm already in the Top100 since I'm supporting team Poland and not the youtube team. Don't blame me Alfred - I support a good thing when I see one, but I'm also a patriot. So... Go team Poland, Go! I'll better find myself a flag and stick it to the monitor...

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Anonimowy pisze...

Hi - Alfred here. Glad to see you supporting the effort! Thanks for posting the video. And do you want to know my 'secret weapon' for folding? The Sony PS3. WOW - that CELL processor REALLY is amazing!


Lightnir pisze...

Thanks. It was natural for me since the project combines two things i like - chemistry and informatics. I've already done one Work Unit (got score 186) and done 40% of the second. But i probably will never catch you since I'm using an AMD processor ]:(