niedziela, maja 15, 2011

My first cover

Two month ago I was asked to design a cover image for a small polish chemical journal - LAB. If I may quote the editor:
Please prepare something attractive, i.e. the molecule should be very colourful and elaborate.
As I like to play with graphics, especially when its chemistry related, I'd accepted the offer. I thought for some time what molecule should I use for the cover, when a colleague whose work is opioid related proposed naloxone. Its a drug used in emergency treatments for opioid overdose (mostly heroin). I've liked it from the first sight so I searched the protein data base for a suitable model to do the visualization. I have found 1MX9 which is a complex of human liver carboxylesterase with a naloxone derivative. Here is my final work that I've sent to the editor: After a month when I went to work a package was lying at my desk. Containing this magazine. The scan below does not reflect the actual appearance because of the print on a semi gloss paper. It looks more darker then it is. Neither the less it feels really good to see my own work in print.

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